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Janis was my realtor last year when we sold our home in Woodside.  She is fantastic.  I can't say enough about her.  She went way above and beyond to help us get our house ready to sell.  She helped us every step of the way with very valuable advice on what people look for, how to properly stage and clean, and what paperwork to pull together and have ready for the sellers.  She helped us when we needed with contacts for everything.  She did did thorough research for us to help us come up with a price.  Our area was a very complicated neighborhood to comp.  All of the homes are very different.  She helped us find contractors when needed, she even helped with a contact that cleaned the house on our last day there (cleaning is the last thing that you want to worry about when you are moving!).
Just today, 5 months after our sale, I was reminded of how great Janis was.  I am in the process of buying a vacation rental.  I had a list of questions for the realtor.  Her responses were, "I don't know.  I could ask.  Umm... I don't remember that about the house... it's cute though."  AMAZING difference between this realtor and Janis.  I would recommend Janis highly, especially in the very complicated real estate world of Woodside and Skyline area.  She knows all of the ins and outs, and if she doesn't, she is on it until she does!  I have bought and sold homes many times in the past.  Janis the best.
*Colleen - Seller, Woodside Ca. 3/28/18
—Colleen- Seller, Woodside Ca.

"I can site two instances where Janis made a difference in potential purchasing and selling transactions. She saved me tens of thousands of dollars in potential hidden costs, thanks to her due diligence." - Kevin

"Janis was professional and very organized. She treated my home as if it were hers. I trust her completely." Terry